Why St. Maarten Realtor

Why Choose Sint Maarten Realtor?

We are the best because we have great customer service, but what exactly makes a difference to you the consumer? Is it customer service, price of our listings, or perhaps general services.

Here at St. Maarten Realtor we strive to provide you with not just the best service but also the best value for your property through our pre-sale property management service.

Our services include:

  1. Property Management (Pre/Post Sale) 
  2. Property Development
  3. Home Maintenance
  4. Landscaping
  5. Brokerage

We also believe strongly in establishing a trusting relationship for the benefit of all parties involved.



Our Team

Knowledge • Experience • Connections • Community

Nover Thompson

Managing Director and Broker 

Managing Directors: Nover Thompson and Xavier Mills 

Nover and Xavier are fierce, dynamic and excellent brokers. They had a dream so they made one small step and behold Sint Maarten Realtor was established. They hope to set their company apart from all other Sint Maarten Agencies by providing services to promote a fast selling and buying process. They strongly believe in targeting the right audience to eliminate time wasted and enable fast results. Talk to Nover to learn more about how she implements this strategy.

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